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Monday 30th September 2013

It's a yes or a no??? Or is it?

I'm currently both frustrated and incredibly excited! The second of my new monthly London chat shows, “Bruce Devlin's Sunday Roast”, is THIS Sunday and I am delighted to welcome the talented and quite beautiful Shobna Gulati (Dinner Ladies, Coronation Street, Loose Women). I met Shobna last year whilst doing a dance marathon for the STV Appeal 2012. Scottish Television established their 'STV Appeal' in 2011. It's a series of fundraising events and a live telethon, like Children in need, it aims to eradicate child poverty here in Scotland. Catch more on this year’s STV Appeal during a series of special programs from 2nd October and the live show (where you’ll see me!) on Friday 11th. Donate to the Appeal here:


I digress; I met Shobna, hit it off, stayed in touch and am now privileged to welcome her on to my chat show. As I book the show myself I appreciate the ease of someone's of Ms Gulati's stature making her booking so easy! Honestly some celebs, who of course, shall remain nameless, have been more than difficult let me tell you, and frankly when will people realise that unless you are Madonna or Naomi Campbell, manners cost nothing and just get back to me, even if it's a no! Still, other than a couple of folk, my guests have been fantastic, I'll put a link to the show at the bottom. To be honest I wouldn't indulge Madge or Naomi either hahahahaha! I hate having my time wasted. Why do people not just have the courage to say, no thanks?! It's too much.

On that, as a Scottish gentleman, I watch the whole independence reporting with great interest, I won't say debate, as really the quality of the 'debates' has been pretty much panned universally north of the border. I have friends who are very much yes, and those very much no. Me and my life partner, my dog Smidgen, are still totally undecided. I agree we should have more fiscal powers etc, after all our Parliament cost more than Victoria Beckham’s handbag and shoe collection, so it would make total sense to utilise the resource we have down in Holyrood, unfortunately Smidgen and I can't get on a tram to go and suggest this... still no trams until 2014. I can see why folk wish to split and why some wish to stay. It comes down again to a yes or a no, however we still haven't been given full and transparent information from both camps yes and no. I feel with such an important question, decision, call it what you, the matter is a complex one, so surely if you the yes and no camps want a simple answer, we need fuller information, so for now, it's an undecided from me and the pooch.

On a lighter note, the cancer storyline in Corrie with Hayley is tearing me up, but to take away that pain, I'm very keen on Marks and Spencer’s Welsh cheddar, it's simply divine! In fact, I can unequivocally say, on the subject of that cheese... It's a YES from me!


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Friday 6th September 2013

Total and complete nonsense goes here. This is my brand new blog, check back soon for regular updates on my complete and utter crap.